What is a CMS?
(CMS - Content management system).cms

Do you often need to change the content of your site?  Add daily new articles, photos or videos?  A content management system is actually a simplified administrator access to web content.

 You don't need to  have any programming skills or undergo intensive training.  The whole system provides a simple and easy  to understand menu similar to widespread office  applications such as Microsoft® Word or Excel.
 Content Management System (CMS) is characterized by supreme comfort of  user interface with intuitive controls and  great online support.

Features and functions:

  • CMS allows  immediate changes and modification of webpage content.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • CMS allows a multitude of different webpage designs. 
  • Advanced settings for SEO - search engine optimization
  • Automated creation of XHTML compliant web content according to W3C standards
  • CMS can be accessed via any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, ...)
  • CMS can be  connected to other software systems
  • High Security  - a unique multi-level data protection and approaches (one of the safest in the world)