The number of back links to your site and its weight is one of the factors that determine the position of the website in search engines. This aspect of SEO is the goal of so-called off-page optimization. The whole off-page optimization is about how to obtain, the most relevant and highest quality links to your site. In principle, all techniques can be divided into two major categories: paid and unpaid, and paid not only money, but time, perhaps embedded or payment reference (for exchanging links valid links from your site to another link).

Registration in catalogs

At the beginning of your campaign liner should be registration in catalogs. When registering title By varying the reference (ie anchor text) to include keywords as possible in other forms and other additional words.

Link Exchange - Exchange links

One way to obtain backlinks is to exchange links. This is an agreement between two pages by placing links on your site pointing to the other pages. This tactic sometimes worked incredibly. It has now been more or less suited only for the initial development of voice potential. It is very important that you only exchange links with relevant sites.

Buying links

In my opinion, SEO expert resort to buying links (for money) to improve ranking only in the absence of other ideas. Some of the key words is nearly impossible without the tactics focus.


Linkbait is a technique when you are trying to create a service or drain the kind of information that attracts webmasters so they decide to link to your site. Best understand if this watch for example linkbaiting .

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking involves a number of different services. This is a service where people recommend another interesting articles / links. Although these services are only a short-term effect on the placement in the search engines, but they may well promote the site webmaster s who then your site can place a link, which will have significance far greater.

PR Articles

Also, for some time a very popular method for obtaining backlinks. You write an article then publish (with your link) on other sites. The problem is that if you publish the same article on several Web sites, you will be counted only once, because the other sites are filtered. If you can think of that you write for each page of another article, so I will tell you that with the effort you would prefer to write for myself.