Analysis of web site SEOSEO-analysis

Analysis of the site in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) is the first step to increasing traffic and more precise targeting. Will review your site, we can see where you are doing mistakes and advise you how to correct them.

What does SEO analysis

The analysis of your site will focus on the most important aspects influencing success in the search engines:

  • We will consider your choice of keywords and if you design better. Neither the first in a search engine will not succeed if it is a phrase that no one who is not looking or just does not capture the theme of your site.
  • We find the current position of your site in full-text search engines and give you advice specific procedures, such as improved.
  • We check site for accessibility and search engine bots find any errors preventing the search and browse pages to include in their databases.
  • Investigate whether navigational structure and method of tying up your site enhances their chances of finding the search engines.
  • Verify that your site refers a sufficient number of other sites, and we'll recommend the procedures as they are backlinks in search engines is important, and how to further develop.
  • Investigate whether inadvertently not using prohibited practices that search engines penalize assessment reduction or even withdrawal from the database.
  • We check availability and effectiveness pages through which the web visitors come from search engines, and advise you how to better achieve your business goals.
  • The analysis is for personal meeting to meet together after you read the final document. While it will discuss all the important points of your analysis and answer any questions.

Your cooperation is essential

To be able to analyze your site in terms of search engine optimization done responsibly, your cooperation is important. Prior to analysis and it will help us during the information and documents:

  • Statistics traffic or server logs.
  • What kind of questions you want to succeed in the search engines.
  • Who do you consider the Internet as their most serious competitor.
  • How much of your production (goods, services) is the most profitable for you.
  • What kind of audience you want to reach out especially their site.

Which search engines are important for SEO

In the case of written Slovak site inspection is performed with regard to the Slovak most used search engines, especially Google, and therefore list, partly also other search technologies (Jyxo, Morfeo) respectively portals (Azet, center). The English pages written with respect to the most widely used international search engines, so Google (incl. AOL) and Yahoo! (incl. Alta Vista and AlltheWeb), to a lesser extent, MSN and Ask Jeeves (Teoma).

If you are interested in an analysis of sites in other languages, such as Slovak and English, ask us for a specific offer.

The method of ordering SEO analysis and its price.

Analysis of web sites with regard to search engine optimization, you can order form at the end of the page. Please fill in the form carefully. Once we receive your order, we'll be with you because of its receipt.

Once you confirm your order each other, we will send you e-mail an advance invoice for the amount of € 590 (excluding VAT). After payment we will begin work on the analysis and in three weeks you can send along with tax receipts. Then together agree on a date for a personal visit, where we will discuss the final document.

Order Form
Analysis ordering websites with regard to search engine optimization for the price of 590 € (excluding VAT). The address of the site that have been subjected to analysis, described below. I understand that the order is pending mutual confirmation and down payment binding.