Onpage optimizationonpage-optimziation

It is well known that search engines use onpage factors (in English: on page = page) for shifting results. Onpage optimization techniques thus includes all directly related to the enhancement factors for the site. On these factors can be viewed from three closely linked hľadisiek: technical factors, content factors and information architecture.

Technical factors - technical issues are dealt with as depressed and program web site to the search engines to index their content and make it the best possible understanding (semantics). Almost to the selected state of the accessibility rules. If a site equivalent to those of accessibility, these factors are automatically fulfilled.

Content factors - are notably the creation of quality content (copywriting) and distribution selected keywords in priority places on the page. Priority places on the page listed above, in this case, but it solves their element - the text content.

Information Architecture - Information Architecture in SEO is that part of the overall optimization that addresses such specific topics include the analysis of keywords in the web project, or structure and navigation.

Onpage factors

  • Domain name and URL - Select the domain name is one of the first things you need to think about when building a new website.
  • Title tag - Tag <title> is a very powerful tool not only for SEO, it can directly influence the position of your site and also click-through rate (CTR).
  • Meta Tags - Meta data is to directly influence the positions already past music, but still find the circumstances in which their use is beneficial.
  • Header tags (titles) - Keywords in headings have more weight than ordinary text.
  • Other parts of html code - This section will get onpage techniques that could not be included in the previous ones. They are (in terms of SEO) onpage minor tweaks to the user but can be very helpful.
  • Site content - Content is the foundation website. If you have poor content, you can optimize the way you want, and nothing to be gained. Conversely, if you have a great, unique content, attract site visitors alone.
  • The structure of the Web - Good site structure makes it easier for users to find the desired information. Likewise, even Google.