Internet marketing is also known as e-marketing or web marketing.  It covers a wide range of different forms of advertising that use the Internet and e-mail communications. Similarly to website SEO, different forms of paid online advertising are aimed at getting websites to the first (in this case, the privileged) place in search results.

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaignpay-per-click-campaign

The most common form of online advertising. The advertiser pays for each click on an ad with a link  leading to their website. You can pay major search engines  to promote a phrase that you choose as relevant to your target market. The best known PPC providers  include Adwords PPC services from Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Etarget.  Very important is the choice of effective phrases and proper campaign setup. If you don't choose the right keywords, PPC campaign may be ineffective, your keywords will be clicked on by people without deeper interest in your services. PPC campaign can be very effective but requires regular monitoring, which can be achieved by several approaches. Either you pay someone to look after your keywords or you let the experts  run the whole campaign.

Take advantage of our experience and we we will take  care to ensure that your investment in PPC campaign will be fruitful.

Social media marketingsocial media marketing

This type of e-marketing, website visibility through social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn Social media is a platform, which is now easily available for everyone and brings together a huge number of people who are here to share with each other, what interested them. Organizations to provide a relatively inexpensive way to visualize the internet.

Social media marketing is a standard part of our website optimization solutions.



Link building - building backlinkslink-building

 The building of backlinks is one of the most important parts of the SEO. High number of valuable backlings will certainly increase your visitor count and improve your ranking in search engines. Actually, this is the internet way of making public relations, which ultimately leads to an increase in the commercial success of your site.


 How does it work?

We will create a complex strategy of backlink building for you, as well as recommend all the necessary modifications to your website in order to make it more attractive for passive backlink building.

Strategy for building backlinks is a complex task that must be tailored to the needs of your site. Based on an elaborated strategy we can begin continuous cooperation in which we use our proven methods for getting backlinks.

Basic methods of link building:

  • Registration in catalogs and databases
  • Link Exchange
  • Purchasing paid backlinks
  • Indirect link building

Advanced methods of link building:

  • Publishing on foreign servers
  • Help in creating a quality valuable content
  • Participation in forums and conferences
  • Issuing press releases and PR articles
  •  Proposal for the implementation of satellite sites (called minisites) and web promotion blogs
  • Link Baiting (User creating attractive content).

When building backlinks we always take into account the specific needs and scope of your website. We pay great attention to the quality of acquired backlinks, which ensures positive long-term results..